Gabi’s Books:

The latest series is titled Teapots and includes three books set in retirement homes in North Queensland, Australia.

The first, Teapots 1: The Fifth Husband follows the arrival at Rosehill Retirement Home for Gentlefolk of Frank Chambers, a handsome 73-year-old man who is immediately set upon by the denizen and major shareholder of the home, Joan Holloway-Potts-Jones.

Teapots 1. the Fifth Husband
Teapots 1. The fifth Husband

Unbeknown to Joan, another lady, Dulcie Dooley, has a prior claim, one that will astonish Frank and the residents of Rosehill. The competition becomes fierce when Joan plays one too many nasty pranks on Dulcie in the hope of loosening her grip on the handsome Frank.


The second in the series, Teapots 2. Turning Back the Clock. This comedy adventure sees Joan initiating a radical plan to turn the clock back to the 1960s when most of the residents of Rosehill were young and lusty. She redecorates the Home in a fashion suitable to those crazy days of free love and flower power. But her plan has unexpected results when a journalist find out what they are really doing.


Teapots 2, Turning Back the clock

Third in the series is Teapots 3. Hideaway House where for reasons you will only fathom if you have read Teapots 2, Joan has set up another Turn Back the Clock program for a new group of residents.
A fatal crash on a nearby road sees bedraggled survivors arriving at Hideaway House just in time for the onset of a devastating cyclone.
What will they do?
Joan’s plan never involved seeing Rosehill again but circumstances beyond her control put her in an awkward position.

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