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In Palm Desert Dec 2019

Good Morning, G’day. Hi there!

Wherever you are and wherever you come from — thank you for visiting my website.

I was born in the UK some 60 odd years ago, spent 8 years in France and Spain then immigrated to Australia in 1987 with my husband, David and our two sons Caerwyn and Morgan. I lived for 14 years in Perth, Western Australia then shifted holus bolus to Queensland where, after writing my first book Registered Under Another Name I decided to go to University to learn how to do it properly! Griffiths University in Brisbane kindly gave me a BA in Creative Writing when I was 63 years old. Jolly pleased with myself I was! Funny thing though, I found myself working as an editor, and in the seven years I’ve been doing that, and writing books at the same time, I found that the more I edited other people’s work, the better a writer I became. Who knew?

During this studying/editing/scribbling phase I started writing a Trilogy called Teapots. I can blame my tutor, Colin Pearce, for the name Teapots … one day I mentioned it and he said, “that’s a great name for a book, but you’ll need to write at least three to get noticed.”

So I did! I started Teapots 1: The Fifth Husband in 2015 where it lay under my bed (that’s a euphemism for ignoring it) for 4 years until one day, a editing client of mine said she wanted to get her book into print. “I can help you with that,” says I, wracking my brains for that memory of getting another book of mine (The Two Jays of Dribblepit) into print. So I grabbed Teapots: The Fifth Husband from the archive and got to work. And here we are now, with the second Teapots on the verge of publishing and the third one in the writing.

So all that is just a bit of background. I have other stuff to tell you but I might do that in blogs, or newsletters or something. Just trying to figure out this whole WordPress website stuff.

See you later Alligator, or in Australia … In a while crocodile!

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